Supplier Registration -

Welcome to DynCorp International's Supplier Registration Page

This site serves as a portal for suppliers (including small businesses concerns) interested in doing business with DynCorp International (DI). The database is available on DynCorp International's intranet as a resource and search engine for any DI unit seeking suppliers.

During registration you will be prompted to provide the following types of information on your company. Separate Tabs are provided for each step in the questionnaire under the following general headings:

  • Company Information
  • Product Services
  • Key Discriminators
  • Past Performance
  • Opportunity Fit

Use this registration form as your resume and provide as much detail as necessary to separate your company from your competitors. Once you have completed your profile, an email will be forward to procurement for review.

The information contained in this profile does not, in and of itself, approve, qualify, or guarantee business with DynCorp International.

Perishability - We assign a one-year perishability to all data received. Prior to your one-year expiration, you will receive an email prompting you to review and re-submit your information.

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